Welcome To The Guy’s Gear Guide!

Welcome to The Guy’s Gear Guide!

After nearly a decade of content creation and blogging in the Maker Community we wanted to branch out from our workshops and bring you all something to look at in those off hours.  Everyone loves cool stuff and more than anything, we love researching what some of the best gear is out there and find what gives you the best bang for your buck.  So each week we’ll be bringing you a round up of some of the coolest gear on the web and where to pick it up!

Now about the name.  The Guy’s Gear Guide is an idea, but is certainly not limited to just guys.  He/she/they/them, we’re all about inclusivity and great gear is great gear no matter who you are.  So while we’re guys picking gear we like, it’s gear for everyone!

But mainly we chose the name because we love the triple G alliteration.

The GGG Team

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